Tuesday, January 7, 2014


VideoIQ + FLIR = Thermal Power = Measureable ROI

If you’re in the business of securing outdoor perimeters, you don’t want to miss the partnership of FLIR and VideoIQ.  VideoIQ has teamed up with FLIR, the leaders in thermal imaging, to build a high-performance perimeter protection solution for an affordable price. VideoIQ’s new Site Protection Solution uses the high contrast of FLIR thermal video with a special FLIR optimized algorithm to deliver unmatched detection – rain or shine, day or night.
Thermal analytic solutions use fewer cameras, require no additional lighting or IR illuminators, and provide vigilante protection while virtually eliminating nuisance false alarms. Check out how Insurance Auto Auctions uses the powerful combo in the Video below. Do you have a project that could benefit from this duo? To find out more about the solution, please reach out to your ScanSource Security Sales rep today!

Using the Intermec SF61b with Apple iOS Devices

Using the Intermec SF61b with Apple iOS Devices
Here is a quick video showing the ease of setting up Intermec’s SF61b barcode scanner for use with an iOS device, such as the iPad or iPhone.

For more detailed information, take a look at these written instructions from Intermec.

Tool Cool: Cisco’s “The SELL”

The SELL is an amazing online resource for Cisco partners to assist them in becoming more productive, knowledgeable, and competent in selling Cisco solutions.  The Sales Enablement Learning Lifecycle is divided into five key areas, making it super easy to navigate.
  • Talent Acquisition:  learn to attract, recruit, and onboard the right staff, and use the Cisco Partner Talent Network Portal to find the perfect employee to meet the needs of your company.
  • On-Boarding:  Everything you need for your first 90 days of doing business with Cisco – checklists, guides, tool lists, and even an acronyms cheat sheet.  YTKYNT!  (Cisco for, you totally know you need that!)
  • Foundational Training: training to establish a foundation for selling Cisco solutions.
  • Intermediate Training:  architecture-specific training with segment, verticals, and competition.
  • Advanced Offerings:  cross-architecture selling and certifications

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!

Not if you use an Intermec by Honeywell scanner designed for Healthcare applications. Both the new Intermec SF61B bluetooth and the SR31T tethered scanners are available in a healthcare configuration.  These scanners use a 2D area imager with an LED aimer so there is no laser light emitted that could potentially “shoot your eye out.” Moreover, these scanners are built with a white plastic housing that has been tested with over two dozen cleaning solutions typically used in hospitals to sanitize equipment. Sorry Miss Shields.
For more information, follow these links:

Walmart Mandates PTI Compliance

Walmart Mandates PTI Compliance

Produce Tractability Initiative (PTI) came about as a response to the 2006 spinach crisis, an event that sickened hundreds, lead to the death of four people, and resulted in a complete recall of spinach products across the nation – a huge toll from both a human and economic standpoint.  Another scare in 2008 with tainted jalapenos just reinforced to the produce industry that comprehensive case-level traceability was needed.
PTI meets that need, but, up until now, compliance has been voluntary.  January 1, 2014 changes that for many in the produce supply chain when Walmart starts mandating that all fresh produce suppliers must include a PTI-compliant label on all their shipments.  Several others, including the Publix grocery store chain, are also planning on instituting a similar requirement in the near future, and they are just the early adopters.  Mike Agostini, senior director of produce for Walmart, predicts between 60%-85% compliance by the end of 2015.
As a reseller, if you have end-user customers in the produce supply chain that are not moving forward with PTI, or are hoping it is all just going to go away, now is the time to engage with them.  If you are feeling as confused about PTI as your customers, ScanSource has ISV partners who specialize in providing PTI solutions, who would be happy to help you and your customer with a PTI solution.
For you BarTender users, Seagull Scientific released an update in November 2013 with increased PTI label support.
Even if your customers are not supplying Walmart, now is the time to be seriously moving forward with PTI.