Friday, October 4, 2013

4 Benefits of a Self-Checkout Solution from NCR

In recent weeks, two regional US grocery chains have announced they are removing self-checkout from their store locations.  Both retailers indicated they are removing self-checkout in order to provide better customer service. These announcements have created quite a buzz among the media and internet world.
The articles that have resulted are mixed but the overall message continues to be that consumers want self-checkout and retailers want to provide self-checkout to give consumers a choice.
Joseph Tarnowski from Progessive Grocer wrote on September 14, 2011, “Having discussed the topic of self-checkouts extensively in recent weeks both in print and online – including my own personal observations and those of our valued readers – the prevailing consensus is that it’s not so much what technology you have, but how it’s deployed.

What is NCR, the worldwide leader in self-checkout, saying?

  1. It’s important to note that successful self-checkout retail implementations follow proven best practices. Self-checkout is successful when retailers implement and execute in their store processes.
  2. Self-checkout continues rapid growth. Four notable retail research analysts that closely monitor the retail market have indicated that self-checkout is not only growing, but it’s going to grow by double digits over the next four years with substantial growth in North America.  RBR reported a North American growth of 40% in 2010 alone.
  3. Consumers want self-checkout.  A 2011 NPD consumer study found that:
    • Two out of three U.S. consumers surveyed want self-service options when shopping.
    • Nearly half of U.S. shoppers surveyed under 45 want stores to offer self-checkout.
    • Almost 46 percent of U.S. consumers surveyed want stores to offer more self-service options, like self-checkout or kiosks, to improve their shopping experience.
  4. Successful retailers focus on how self-checkout improves the consumer shopping experience.  Technology requires upgrade investments to make it of continual value for the shopper. When older solutions need refreshed or replaced, retailers need to focus on keeping solutions up to date to improve the overall shopping experience.
In a fast-paced world where time is of the essence, NCR is providing customers options to shorten their time away from what is truly important.

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