Thursday, October 17, 2013

Using Datalogic Mobility to Develop Remote Inventory Management in Healthcare

When most people think of ADC in healthcare environments they think Barcoding at the Point of Care (BPOC). Well yes, that is a major application in that vertical, but inventory management is huge in healthcare as well. Consider the tools that are floating around a hospital/doctor’s office/medical facility. If these items are not tracked appropriately that could be a huge area of lost dollars.
Datalogic recently worked with a company called Angioscore inc, which manufactures a balloon catheter used in treating arterial disease. Because Angioscore must track inventory and keep records of when their devices are used to get paid, it’s very important for them to stay on top of what is happening with them.
Check out this video with some more information on the implementation and uses of the Memor mobile computer in inventory management in the healthcare vertical.

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