Friday, October 4, 2013

Analog Camera from Advantage Line by Bosch

Product Review: Analog Camera from Advantage Line by Bosch

Are you looking for an edge on the competition in any security challenge? The Advantage Line by Bosch is the key to that edge. The Advantage Line is an entire suite of low-cost, high-quality products and tools from Bosch. Right now you can source Bosch’s full line of indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, digital video recorders, and accessories at
One of the MiniDome options on the Bosch Advantage Line is the VDC-260V04-20. The VDC-260V04-20 features a 3.8-9.5 mm lens, excellent resolution, clean images under variable light, day/night performance with switchable filter, and an easy install. Not only is the VDC-260V04-20 perfect for any project, it’s also in stock at Uniquepos and ready to ship today!

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