Friday, October 4, 2013

Datamax-O’Neil M-Class: Installing the Cutter Option

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  1. Turn ‘Off’ the Power Switch and unplug the printer.
  1. Open the cover. Remove any installed media from the printer.
  1. Remove the Fascia by gently pulling it forward.
  1. Loosen and remove the Thumbscrew, then remove the Tear Plate (or if equipped, the Present Sensor option).
  1. Notice the Male Connector on the Cutter and the corresponding Female Connector on the front of the printer.
  1. Position the Cutter for mounting on the front of the printer.
  1. Tighten the Mounting Screw to secure the mechanism to the printer.
Using the Cutter
The Cutter is Plug and Play; no setup or configuration is necessary. When the power is applied, the Cutter Blade will cycle, indicating that the printer has automatically sensed and enabled the Cutter for operation.
  1. Route the media through the printer and then out through the Cutter’s Opening, as shown. Close and latch the Printhead Mechanism. Close the cover.
  1. Plug in and turn ‘On’ the printer.
  2. Press the FEED Button to align the label’s position.
Cutter Maintenance (Cleaning)

To ensure peak performance, the Cutter should be cleaned on a regular basis: after each roll or box of labels. In addition to the regularly scheduled maintenance, if the performance becomes sluggish, leaning should be performed immediately. To clean the Cutter:
  1. Turn off and unplug the printer. Open the Cover. Remove media from the printer.
  2. Loosen the Mounting Screw and remove the Cutter from the printer.
  1. Remove the Cover Screw.
  1. Open the Cover Door. Use compressed air to remove any debris from the inside the Cutter.
  2. Using a Cotton Swab dampened with alcohol, wipe the surface of the Cutter Blade until all build-up is removed.
  1. Manually rotate the Cutter Blade to clean the entire surface. Allow to dry. (In cases of extreme build-up, WD-40® can be substituted for alcohol, if used sparingly and applied with a cotton swab; see Caution, above.)
  2. Close the Cover Door and reinstall the Cover Screw.
  3. Position the Cutter on the front of the printer and tighten the Mounting Screw. Reload media. Plug in and turn on the printer.

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