Friday, October 4, 2013

What the heck is Motionix™ technology?

My friends over at Datalogic ADC, as well as myself from time to time, like to throw around the word “motionix” when discussing differentiators on some of the Datalogic handheld scanning devices. But that’s sort of like talking about WHIP and WAR to someone who doesn’t like sports (those are baseball stat terms if you didn’t know that).  So I thought I would take a second to explain.
You see, “Motionix” is an extremely cool feature that is actually pretty simple. All it means, is that the device knows what you want to do based on movement. For example, I have my Gryphon permanent base scanner sitting on my convenience store counter as a presentation device. I simply place the barcode of the product in front of the scanner to scan for regular operation. But, if I need to pick up the device to scan something, I pick it up and scan. No switch to flip, no button to push… just the motion of picking up the scanner triggers the handheld mode… Motionix.
Think about that…
  • No button/switch (one less potential failure point)
  • No additional opening on the base (safer from spills)
  • No additional step between presentation and hand held (saves time)
Like I said, pretty simple, but very cool. Check out this short video showing Motionix in action!

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