Friday, October 4, 2013

New Applications for RFID Technologies in Retail, Enterprise and Healthcare

RFID Resellers already know about the growing presence of RFIDtechnology across Industrial, Manufacturing and Logistics applications--but did you know that there are even more ways to apply the power and convenience of RFID tag reading to even more industries? RFIDsolutions are now available to customers in Retail, Healthcare and Enterprise, and new technologies have evolved to meet the unique needs of these vertical markets.


Retail end users are no longer just interested in Point-of-Sale and Barcoding solutions, there is a real demand for RFID solutions on the sales floor and back office. From inventory and replenishment to shrink control and item location, RFID tags provide new ways to be more efficient and offer better customer service.

The new Motorola MC3190-Z business class RFID reader features the exclusive MAX RFID Antenna, which combines linear and circular polarization for superior range and superior coverage area. It eliminates the need for precise tag alignment, resulting in faster, more accurate capture on difficult items, from a pile of clothes in a dressing room, to a specific box in the back storeroom.


Carpeted office environments can also benefit from successful RFIDintegration. With solutions to track assets across the room or across the building, file and document tracking for easy organization and other item location solutions, RFID is finding a new niche in enterprise office applications.

The MC3190-Z offers Motorola's exclusive MAX Data system, to ensure complete flexibility and reduce investment costs. This RFID reader not only reads RFID tags, but also scans barcodes, reducing the number of machines to purchase in manage–essentially providing the functionality of two devices in a single unit. This also reduces associated capital and operational costs to keep office teams on track and in sync.


With all the challenges facing the Healthcare industry today, it's essential for organizations to implement solutions to help them cut costs and improve efficiencies, as well as providing higher levels of patient care. RFID technologies can help manage asset tracking for high-value critical assets, as well as keep track of patients in environments such as skilled nursing facilities where patients may have a tendency to wander. All solutions in a healthcare environment must also be able to withstand daily rigors and cleaning.

Motorola's MAX Rugged on the MC3190-Z RFID reader ensures dependable operation and maximum lifecycle, even in high-use healthcare applications. Each unit undergoes mechanical and endurance tests and environmental sealing to withstand drops and tumbles. Its IP54 rating ensures protection against dust, spills and wipedowns.

The MC3190-Z RFID reader from Motorola brings RFID from the industrial area to the carpeted space and other customer-facing business environments. Its signature rugged design and ergonomics provide all day comfort and usability, and as the lightest RFID reader on the market, it's ideal for applications in retail, enterprise and healthcare. Visit the Motorola RFID microsite to learn more or contact a BlueStar RFID Solutions Specialist today for complete details about the latest additions to Motorola's line of RFID solutions.

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