Friday, October 4, 2013

Integrate New Solutions To Enhance The Customer Engagement Experience

As the retail and hospitality industries continue to evolve, the quality and originality of the customer interaction experience plays an expanding role in these businesses’ bottom lines. The right point-of-sale technology can make or break a shopping experience for the customer, and Star Micronics has introduced an array of new solutions to improve the entire transaction from start to finish.

The new AsuraCPRNT is Star’s first interactive communication platform that functions either as a standalone terminal or integrates easily into any existing infrastructure. This compact yet sleek kiosk stands 15” tall with more features and functionality than larger and more expensive solutions for similar applications. The AsuraCPRNT includes a 7” touch screen and high-speed 3” printer, along with optional integrated MSR and 2D imager. Its developer-friendly interface helps retailers create customer engagement applications and provide an interactive in-store experience. 

With a single solution, users can manage queues and loyalty programs, track inventory, and drive content to mobile devices or digital signage. The AsuraCPRNT is also optimized for external USB peripherals like biometric scanners, WiFi/3G/4G dongles, digital camera attachments, and much more.

Another way for retail and hospitality enterprise to improve the customer experience is to bring the transaction directly to them, avoiding long wait times and lost sales. Star’s “i” Series is the first line of Bluetooth portable printers to be MFi-certified by Apple for use with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices. These rugged, water-resistant mobile printers are also compatible with Android and Windows Mobile, allowing businesses to utilize mobile apps to link with their food and hospitality customers. 

Capitalizing on the growing mobile aspects of today’s fast-paced environment allows your retail and hospitality clients to deliver quality customer experiences and tighter integration for superior service. For more information on these and other scalable, flexible and powerful solutions for Point-of-Sale from Star Micronics, talk to a BlueStar POS Solutions Specialist today.

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