Friday, October 4, 2013

Zebra/Posiflex's Kiosk Print Station

The low-cost all-in-one Zebra Kiosk Print Station, paired with Zebra’s affordable, host-based kiosk receipt printer, the KR203, and Posiflex’s KS7317 17” Resistive Touch Screen Terminal, provides an all-in-one kiosk solution that is affordable for even small businesses. Just pick your software and you’re ready to go!
An innovative, off-the-shelf, all-in-one kiosk solution,the Zebra Kiosk Print Station, combined with a Posiflex® touchscreen terminal, makes it easy and affordable to bring the benefits of self-service-like improved sales, greater customer satisfaction and reduced costs-to your business. The Zebra Kiosk Print Station accessory accommodates a Zebra® kiosk printer, a roll of Zebra media and a Posiflex 17" touch screen terminal to form a complete,economical alternative to expensive custom kiosks. Simply add software to complete the solution.

• Quick and Easy to Integrate-Integrates all the kiosk hardware componentsinto an easy-to-install device that simply mounts to a wall or pole.
• Affordable-Its low cost results in rapid ROI, so even smaller businesses can reap the benefits of self-service kiosks.

• Flexible Media Options-The Zebra Kiosk Print Station supports up to 6"media roll, and widths of 2.3"/58 mm to 3.25"/82.5 mm.
• Maximum Touch Terminal Uptime-Posiflex with over 30 patents for innovation provides years of trouble-free operation.
• Choice of Touch Terminal Options-Resistive for normal use or infared touch for high-traffic applications. 

• Convenient Card Reader Options-Available with or without biometric fingerprint authentication for reading credit or identification cards.
• Durable and Secure-Sturdy, metal, lockable enclosure securely holds theprinter and media, and a kiosk computer securely fastens to the unit-protecting all components from tampering and tough retail environments.
• Easy to Service-Enclosure opens completely to provide easy access for quick media changes and service.

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