Friday, October 4, 2013

Take advantage of NFC (Near Field Communication) based technology with Motorola’s new MC75A HF

NFC-based technology has already taken off in European markets from event ticketing to public transportation to ID verification, and now Motorola is brining this technology to the US.  Introducing the MC75A HF- Motorola’s first RFID integrated 3G connected mobile computer.
You may be asking, what the heck is NFC technology and how is this going to work for my current customers?  Well, NFC (Near Field Communication) allows customers (or vendors) to load an NFC enabled card (or mobile device!) with information.  The card holder then uses the card to pay for a service, enter the concert arena or board a bus- all by tapping the NFC enabled device to the reader on the MC75A HF.   So payment/ticket redemption takes place, the consumer is on their way and the vendor has an accurate record of the transaction- all in a fraction of a second.
The benefits of adopting this technology are tremendous.  Here are just a few of the ROI benefits your customers will enjoy as a result of adopting this technology:
  • Shorter Lines = Happier Customers.  Transactions happen quickly and customers are on their way in a fraction of the time it typically takes to process transactions
  • Increased worker productivity.  Your workers can now handle a significantly greater number of transactions in a day.
  • Improved accuracy of records and collection of customer data.  The possibilities are endless here!  Cards could potentially be loaded with all kinds of valuable market data.  Plus, this technology significantly increases the accuracy of daily transactions.

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