Sunday, October 6, 2013

Are You Mobile Marketing Ready?

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Growing up, I always thought that computers would one day take over the world.  I just didn’t realize they’d be so… small!  With mobile devices beingthe hottest trend, there’s no avoiding the wave of mobility.  I’m sure you have noticed the impact that it’s having on your business and even in your home.  Chances are you have at least one mobile device within your household.  If you are anything like me and 86% of mobile device users, you might even use your device while watching TV!  People are no longer using their devices during “free time,” they are using them all the time!   At work, at school, while waiting for doctor appointments, while shopping, and even at parties. Whether you think that mobility has opened up a great way to stay connected and have the world at our fingertips, or you think that mobility is killing our personal interaction skills… the fact is that we are a Mobile Generation.
So how has mobility impacted your Marketing Plan?  If you said “what Marketing Plan?” – then please check out our previous blog on the importance of having a Marketing Plan.
If you want to continue to have a successful business, then you should consider a mobile-friendly marketing plan.  That means building your marketing efforts in a mobile-friendly format allowing you to be where your target audience is.  Mobile shopping, videos, social media, and so much more.  Here are some important marketing tactical approaches to consider adding to your marketing mix or to become more mobile friendly:
  • Responsive Websites – They react to the type of device the page is being viewed on so you don’t have to have two separate websites (a mobile and a regular).
  • Apps – Consider if there is an app that makes sense for your business.  What better way to remind your customer you are here for them than by having an app/icon on their phone!
  • Digital Catalogs – Instead of a hard copy printed catalog, consider hosting it online with integrated hyperlinks and video, and that “flip” feel.  These are very popular and a great way to showcase your product.  Check out an example!
  • Email Blasts – According to Inbox Marketer, an average 44% of emails are being viewed on mobile devices this year.  Which means?  You need to be using a mobile-friendly platform for your emails!  I recommend testing it on your phone before blasting out. Keep the messaging simplistic and to the point. Here is a great mobile email statistics overview reference.
  • Online Forms – If your form is tied to your mobile website or email blast, then it’s important for the form to be easy to complete on a mobile device.  Keep the quantity of questions to a minimum.
  • QR codes – These haven’t died out yet!  If you are sending direct mail, don’t miss an opportunity to have them check out a video by scanning a QR code on their mobile device to direct them to a mobile-friendly video, app or landing page.
  • Video – Video is the fastest-growing online content category and statistics show that video can lead to an increase in sales by 20-40%!  Consider adding 1-2-minute videos to your mobile-friendly website, your video channel to showcase your offerings, and then launching through a mobile-friendly marketing campaign.  And don’t forget to feature in Social Media.

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