Friday, October 4, 2013

BYOD and Hospitality: How to Integrate Popular Consumer Devices into Restaurant POS

There's no question that consumer technology products are becoming more and more popular among enterprise users across the channel. Businesses want to use solutions that their employees and customers are familiar with, but they need the right tools to make these devices flexible and usable within the business environment.

Tableside ordering using smart devices such as the Apple iPhone or other Android handhelds has seen significant growth recently in the restaurant sector. Mobile ordering and payment processing solutions keep up with the fast pace of a restaurant environment, allowing servers to input orders accurately, prevent kitchen order backlogs, and take payments instantly. In addition, customer wait times can be reduced with mobile POS solutions, while increasing table turnover for more efficient service. All this can be achieved on a familiar consumer device with a user-friendly interface that fits neatly in an apron or pocket.

The key component in integrating restaurant and hospitality mobilePOS with BYOD is software, and pcAmerica's award-winning restaurant point of sale software Restaurant Pro Express Mobile has all the functionalities of a traditional point of sale terminal with the mobility and flexibility that comes with the Apple iPod Touch or iPhone. Its modern user interface is easy to learn with very little training and even easier to integrate into every day restaurant POS applications.
Restaurant Pro Express Mobile is a reliable, affordable option for hospitality environments that want to perform tableside ordering. With this mobile POS software, servers can take orders tableside, split checks and even securely process credit card payments with signature capture through an attached encrypted card reader. It also supports various taxation, discounts and happy hour pricing, working in conjunction with a traditional POS terminal to synchronize in real time. This software solution is ideal for a variety of hospitality environments including restaurants, bars, nightclubs, stadiums and any other environment where wireless POS capability is required.


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