Friday, October 4, 2013

Zebra QL420 Plus: Adjusting the Power Inactivity Timeout

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All QL’s come with a default power.inactivity_timeout set to 1200 seconds. (20 minutes). We will adjust it to 0 to keep it from going into sleep mode. However, if you want it set to a different amount of time simply adjust the number in the power.inactivity_timeout.txt file to the desired number of seconds and continue to follow the instructions below.
*WARNING* This will cause more battery consumption.
Download the following:
Follow these Instructions in order:
  1. Install the BigFoot application.
  2. After you install BigFoot connect up the QL to your computer. If you get the found new hardware wizard, just click cancel on this and close it out.
  3. Run the BigFoot Application. In the top left corner, click AllCv and it will populate. This will verify that you have communication to the QL printer.
  4. Click on the middle button Send App and this dialog box will open. Change the File Types selection to: Text Files
  5. Choose the file power.inactivity_timeout.txt and click open.
  6. You should receive a message in BigFoot “File Send Complete”.
  7. The time out is now set to 0. The printer will not timeout until the value is changed.

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