Friday, October 4, 2013

Half of US Retailers Have Adopted RFID, According to New Survey

According to a recent survey conducted by the VICS Item Level Initiative (VILRI) and published in RFID Journal , more than half of American retailers have adopted item-level radio frequency identification technology for their businesses, and those who haven't are planning to add it within the next three to five years. More than three quarters of retailer survey respondents reported plans to expand their item-level RFID program to include more categories or products in the near future. The decreasing tag cost and increasing profit margins are proving to be a major factor in retailers' growing adoption and implementation of the program.

For VARs, this kind of growing demand will be crucial to future business development. Retailer requests for RFID technology is also driving supplier adoption, with 80 percent of supplier respondents indicating they are adopting the technology to satisfy the needs of their retailer customers. The cost of implementation may prove to be the biggest obstacle for many potential RFID resellers, however  research indicates that RFID tags currently cost about 33 percent less than they did in 2008.

BlueStar's RFID solutions, coupled with our extensive value-added services, can help VARs interested in expanding into RFID technology move forward with this rapidly expanding market. "The RFID vertical is growing more and more everyday, " said Dan Miller, BlueStar's RFIDInitiative Manager. "Our specialty RFID team can provide the hardware, software, media and any additional services you may need to get your RFID solutions out to meet customer demand." From proximity and contactless smart card readers, to advanced hand-held technology, BlueStar's advanced RFID solutions will help any reseller develop a robust and--most importantly--successful RFID sales stream to rise above and beyond the demands of this constantly growing, constantly changing market.

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