Friday, October 4, 2013

New Asset Tracking Bundle Incorporates RFID and Video Surveillance

Effective security surveillance often requires video recording technology to document events, while effective asset tracking usually needs RFID or another system of data collection to track the movement and locations of valuable assets. A new In-a-Box bundle, exclusively from BlueStar, combines these two technologies for a total solution that will save security and law enforcement officers time, and organizations money.

Cop In-a-Box | Video Asset Tracking allows users to track important assets by implementing RFID technology and video recording software. NOX-2 label-style RFID tags can be covertly placed on items to be tracked, and the HD camera can be mounted to record video of any event. Included NOX software enables the user to pull up video footage of a specific tagged item to find its last known location.

This solution is designed to help users in law enforcement and security identify potential security threats, reduce theft, and monitor and locate key assets. Officers will save time and effort locating items, as well as using video records to find the last known location of missing items. This new In-a-Box solution from Bluestar includes:

  • 2 Port RFID Reader
  • Right Handed Antenna
  • 2 MP Dome Camera
  • 8 Port PoE Switch
  • Three Cat5 Cables
  • Assorted RFID Tags
  • Power Supply and Power Cord
  • Premium Support and Monitoring
  • Software License

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